Ghoul to Bat Draculaura

Draculaura has black hair with pink streaks, blunt bangs, and is pulled into a high ponytail. Her light pink skin is complemented by pink and turquoise eyeshadow, bright pink lipstick, and her signature heart under her left cheek.

She is wearing a molded pink bodice adorned with a black bat wing neckline and a black & pink heart-shaped bow. Pink hearts run down the front and pink & white ruffles are along the sides.

The fuschia skirt has light pink scalloped stripes and a ruffled black tulle hem. The front of the large pink train is decorated with hearts and black bats. On her feet are pink pumps with heart accents, side cutouts, and knobby heels.

The front of the top has a lever that creates a brand new look. The bodice becomes a black corset with pink laces and blue heart buttons. The lever hangs over the skirt and is decorated with blue & pink winged hearts. Most importantly, the train extends upwards and transforms into wings.

A brush or doll stand is not inlcuded with Draculuara.

From the box:

There was a time when monsters unlived in hiding because they feared being "different." But then the ghouls met, and they understood that it's clawesome to be different! So they created a school where all monsters are welcome, all uniqueness is celebrated... and where everyone can boo!

  • Model Number:
  • DNX65
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