Ghoul to Mermaid Lagoona Blue

Lagoona has yellow blonde hair with coral pink streaks that is worn in a ponytail. Teal blue eyes, turquoise shadow, coral lips, and teal freckles complement her pale turquoise skin.

She is wearing a striped turquoise dress with a pink flower print and a coral pink hood with a hard plastic edge. The hood can be pulled down to her shoulders to create a cape-like shawl with black tulle frills.

The dress can be pulled further down to her waist to reveal a molded sleeveless top that is black with coral pink, turquoise, and scales. The hood then acts as a layered skirt with a black tulle peplum.

Pulled even lower the dress becomes a shimmery scaled skirt that has a big coral pink hem with black tulle accents. Coral ankle-strap pumps accentuate each variation of the outfit.

The final transformation is into a mermaid. Pulled completely down, the dress gives Lagoona a black waist with a shimmery scaled tail and coral pink tail fins. Translucent wing-like coral fins are added to her back to complete the look.

  • Model Number:
  • FKP48
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