Ghoul to Bat Draculaura 2

Draculaura has black hair pulled into a ponytail and decorated with pink and yellow highlights. She has pale pink skin, yellow eyeshadow, purple eyes, fanged pink lips, and a heart on her cheek.

She is wearing a molded pink bodice adorned with a black bat wing neckline and a black & blue heart-shaped bow. Baby blue hearts run down the front and pink & blue ruffles trim the sides.

The black skirt has a pink and blue heart print and a ruffled yellow tulle hem. The large train features a pink and black spiderweb mosaic design. On her feet are black pumps with heart accents, side cutouts, and knobby heels.

The front of the top has a lever that creates a brand new look. The bodice becomes a pink corset with yellow laces and black heart buttons. The lever hangs over the skirt and is decorated with black-winged pink hearts. Most importantly, the train extends upwards and transforms into wings

  • Model Number:
  • FNC17
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