Ghoulia Yelps’ Scooter

Ghoulia’s red and black scooter has a cute skeletal theme. The front sports a white stripe with a skull wearing goggles and a gray rib cage basket. The black mirrors are held by skeletal hands and the foot rest has a white spinal column running down the center. The red seat is covered with brain wrinkles and the red splattered license plate is personalized with “BRAINS”. The sides of the scooter has a white section decorated by a pattern of cherries with green stems. Gray skeletal hands hold the pink rimmed wheels and a white bone kickstand keeps the scooter upright.

Accessories include a cup, backpack, and two helmets. The cup is green, dripping, and has a white lid and straw. The gray tombstone backpack is detailed with a skull wearing goggles, a wrought iron gate design, and red straps. Ghoulia’s helmet is black with a white center stripe, red visor, black chin strap, and red goggles. The other helmet is black with red goggles. It is smaller and fits Sir Hoots A Lot, Ghoulia’s pet owl.

  • Model Number:
  • X3659
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