Ghouls Rule Abbey Bominable

Abbey is gorgeous as she sparkles in her icy Halloween dress that features a white bodice with silver dots and a triple-layered skirt. The shoulders and sleeves are shimmery white with the sleeves ending in white faux fur cuffs. The top skirt is white tulle with a silvery snowflake print, the middle is pink, and the bottom is black tulle. All three layers have shredded hems.

Her boots are translucent white with blue crystal fur collars. Accessories begin with a white faux fur headband adorned with a translucent blue snowflake. On her shoulders are translucent blue snowball shoulder pads and around her waist is a translucent blue belt with hanging icicles. Her masquerade mask is a pair of translucent purple goggles covered in dripping ice. The frozen trick-or-treat pail is translucent purple with a skullette and snowflakes.

Abbey comes with a purple cake decorated with black spiderweb icing. It has a black cake topper presenting a spider with a top hat. The cake rests upon a pedestal made of skeletal hands attached to a black base. Also included with this Walmart exclusive is a brush, doll stand, and a trading card of Abbey.

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  • Y0366
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