Great Scarrier Reef – Down Under Ghouls Kala Mer’ri

Kala has dark blue hair with orange highlights that is worn in a short ponytail. She has purple skin, four segmented arms, suckers on her fingers, and small spines running down her chest and back. Below the chest her body is much darker with a wavy squid-like stripe down the front accentuated by circles and dots. Protruding from her hips are pink fins and at the end her body there are four yellow tentacles and two pink glow-in-the-dark tendrils.

She is wearing a blue tube top adorned with a pink and yellow coral print. Over the top is a black & yellow squid print cover-up trimmed in pink. Around her waist is a dark blue belt made up of knobby rows. Accessories consist of spiked blue hoop earrings and two coral arm cuffs; one orange and one yellow.

Kala is able to stand on her tentacles and does not have a brush or doll stand. She does come with her diary.

From the box:

Kala Mer'ri doll Daughter of Oxxxxxxxxx Shhh! it's a secret! Age: 16 Killer Style: I like bold, bright colors that allow me to stand out in a sea of monsters. I don't want to be just another drop in the ocean; I want to be the visual eye of the storm. Freaky Flaw: I need to have my tentacles on everything. Some of my beasties say it's because I'm a control shriek, but I just like to feel secure and in charge of my unlife. Favorite Activity: I am a natural performer and love to dance all my scares away! The ghouls are swimming in troubled waters after a whirlpool pulls them from Monster High all the way to Lagoona's home in the Great Scarrier Reef. But that's only the beginning of their aquatic adventures! Now, the ghouls find themselves with fintastic fishy forms, and Lagoona must face her childhood bully... and her worst fear! Will they continue to make waves, or reveal their true bravery and make their way back to stand on dry ground?

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  • DHB49
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