Great Scarrier Reef – Down Under Ghouls Posea Reef

Posea has long magenta hair with streaks of teal. It is pulled into a ponytail and decorated with a black coral clip. She has aqua blue skin with webbed fingers and knobby rows all over her upper body. From the waist down she has a teal body that forms three tendrils which then split into smaller tendrils. Wrapped around the mass of tendrils is translucent green seaweed full of colorful crabs, seahorses, and fish skeletons.

She is wearing a sleeveless purple top adorned with a green hem and an aquatic print. The print has black, red, and green, erratic lines accented with red and green nautilus shells. Accessories consist of blue coral earrings, green seaweed arm wraps. and a magenta coral chest piece.

The critters living in the seaweed of Posea’s outfit are glow-in-the-dark. She is able to stand on her tendrils and does not have a brush or doll stand. She does come with her diary.

From the box:

Posea Reef doll Daughter of Poseidon Age: 17 Killer Style: I'm a "go with the flow" kind of ghoul. Literally and fashionably. I love to feel flowing fabric and accessories swirl and sway around me, as though they have a life of their own. Freaky Flaw: I know a lot about... a lot! But my knowledge can get tangled like kelp in my head. I know it's there somewhere, but I can't always fish it out. Favorite Activity: Gardening. I love being out in the seashine, tending my bootiful aquatic plants. The ghouls are swimming in troubled waters after a whirlpool pulls them from Monster High all the way to Lagoona's home in the Great Scarrier Reef. But that's only the beginning of their aquatic adventures! Now, the ghouls find themselves with fintastic fishy forms, and Lagoona must face her childhood bully... and her worst fear! Will they continue to make waves, or reveal their true bravery and make their way back to stand on dry ground?

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  • DHB48
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