Great Scarrier Reef Hissters Peri & Pearl Serpentine

Peri has dark blue hair with white streaks and Pearl has white hair with blue streaks. They have light gray skin that is covered in scales, webbed fingers, and fins protrude from their forearms. From the waist down they have a blue serpent tail adorned with turquoise tendrils and fins. On each hip are purple wing-like fins that glow in the dark.

They are wearing an asymmetrical top with black mesh sleeves, a yellow trimmed hem, and a mishmash print of blue, yellow, and magenta. Accessories begin with pearl chandelier earrings; one magenta and one gold. Wrapped around both of their necks is a gold necklace with multiple layers of pearls and charms. At their waist is a gold belt with four uniquely styled rows of chains connected to an ornate skeleton key buckle with hanging strands of pearls. Decorating their tail fin are dangling magenta pearl accents.

Peri & Pearl are able to stand on their serpent tail and do not have a brush or doll stand. They do come with their diary.

From the box:

Peri Serpentine & Pearl Serpentine doll Daughter of the Hydra Age: 16 Killer Style: Our motto is: "Double the baubles is twice as nice." We love to accessorize, and we're always on the hunt for hidden gems to bling-up our 2-of-a-kind outfits. Freaky Flaw: We constantly butt heads! Just because we're this close, doesn't mean we see eye to eye. But we are sisters and beasties, so we always have each other's back. Favorite Activity: Fanging out with each other! Which is a good thing, don't you think? The ghouls are swimming in troubled waters after a whirlpool pulls them from Monster High all the way to Lagoona's home in the Great Scarrier Reef. But that's only the beginning of their aquatic adventures! Now, the ghouls find themselves with fintastic fishy forms, and Lagoona must face her childhood bully... and her worst fear! Will they continue to make waves, or reveal their true bravery and make their way back to stand on dry ground?

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  • DHB47
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