Haunt Couture Draculaura

Draculaura has long black hair with bangs, pink streaks, and wavy curls. She has a pale pink complexion, lavender eyes with rooted lashes, a heart on her cheek, and deep-red fanged lips.

Her outfit features a black & pink cape with a black web design and a matching skirt. Draculaura’s pink vest is over a white top with puffy shoulders, black sleeves, and white cuffs. Covering her legs are black capri stockings complemented by black & pink ruffles.

She accessorizes with a pink hat stitched in black with “Vamp” and a bat. Around her waist is a black belt adorned with pink heart charms and on her feet are pink multi-strapped booties with heart-shaped buckles and black stake heels.

Jewelry begins with pink earrings and a pink chrome bat necklace. A coffin-shaped ring decorates one hand. Completing the look is a pink faux leather backpack adorned with spiderweb designs and a heart graphic.

She is 10.5 inches tall and comes with a Skullette hairbrush, mini diary, and a doll stand. Draculaura is packaged in a coffin-shaped box and includes a certificate of authenticity.

From the box:

How long has it been? Seems like ages since I crept out of the crypt and let the sunshine hit my face. Well not literally. Vampire, remember?
Aren't these totally fangtastic mesh sleeves the most fashionable sunblock ever? And the rest of this creepy cute look? To die for. From the gore-geous cape with web details to the vamptastic heels that take this outfit to scary new heights! My fave accessory has to be the VAMP hat. What better way to declare my vegetarian lifestyle and make my dad, Count Dracula, grind his fangs in frustration?
Let's not let this much time pass before we see each other again! I simply can't bear this unlife without you!

  • Model Number:
  • HGK10
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