Haunt Couture Frankie Stein

Frankie has black & white streaked hair that is straight and extra long. Her pale green complexion is complemented by rooted eyelashes, one green and one blue eye, cheek scar, and full red lips.

Her outfit begins with a puffy-sleeved top accentuated by a silver harness vest and a wide black & blue lightning bolt belt. The multi-layered skirt is electric blue plaid with a black peplum.

Accessories consist of dangly Skullette earring with lightning details, a hair clip, and a studded bracelet. She carries a black & blue striped backpack emblazoned with red lightning bolts.

On her feet are silver pumps with calf-high straps. The heels are pull switches designed to ratchet up and down.

She is 10.5 inches tall and comes with a Skullette hairbrush, mini diary, and a doll stand. Frankie is packaged in a coffin-shaped box and includes a certificate of authenticity.

From the box:

Wait, is it day 400 or day 4000? Either way, it's been a stitch or two since I last saw you! Lots of shocking stuff going on behind the screams! Don't you just love the way this look is put together? Check out this totally voltageous top with metallic skullettes and hardware vest for an edgy finish. The rest of the outfit is scare-dorable with a terrifying zipper-trim skirt plus high wattage heels with light switches! I can't believe Cleo actually found time to design this after her break - oops! Like I said, lots going on behind the screams! I've been falling apart without you, so let's fang out more often! Frankie Stein

  • Model Number:
  • HGK12
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