Haunt Couture Lagoona Blue

Lagoona Blue has ultra-long blonde hair enhanced with blue streaks. Her pale blue complexion is complemented by teal green eyes with rooted lashes, blue freckles, and light pink lips.

She wears a pink mermaid-style dress with a fish scale print and three ruffled layers at the hem. The black mesh middle layer is between two sparkly blue layers. Over the dress is a transparent blue motorcycle jacket with zipper accents.

Accessories consist of a tentacled seashell headband, pink seashell earrings, and an octopus necklace. Around her waist is a multi-chain belt adorned with a variety of sea creature charms.

On her feet are octopus wedge heels paired with starfish print socks. Finishing this amazing outfit is skeletal lionfish inside a pink fish tank purse.

Lagoona Blue is 10.5 inches tall and comes with a mini diary and a metallic blue Skullette hairbrush and doll stand. She is packaged in a coffin-shaped box decorated with aquatic graphics. A certificate of authenticity is also included.

  • Model Number:
  • HGY91
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