Haunted – Student Spirits Porter “Paintergeist” Geiss

Porter has a mop of light greenish brown hair and glowy skin with a greenish tint. He is wearing a gray collared shirt covered with a dripping paint design. The pink painted sleeve transitions across the top of the chest and collar and ends with the light blue painted sleeve. His gray brick patterned shorts are decorated with pink, yellow, and light blue paint splatter.

He accessorizes with a silver chain shoulder harness that holds his translucent magenta and translucent blue spray paint cans. On one wrist is a silver shackle & lock and around his waist are wrapped silver chains with hanging loops of chains. His shoes are translucent teal.

Included with Porter is his diary, a translucent blue brush, and doll stand. The chain link stand gives her the appearance of floating.

From the box:

Age: 16 Killer Style: I like to wear my art. It creates a fashion statement that is uniquely me. I strive to be an original monsterpiece. Freaky Flaw: I tend to express myself through my art, which some critics don't always appreciate. I guess you could say I don't say it, I spray it. Favorite Activity: Painting. I'll make anything a canvas! A wall, a floor, my shoes... If it's blank, I'll paint on it! But only with ghost paint, of course!

  • Model Number:
  • CGV19
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