Haunted – Student Spirits River Styxx

River is too cute with her wavy hair and bangs. It is light blue with lavender and pink streaks in the back. Her lavender skin has translucent forearms and calves that expose her bones.

She is wearing a sleeveless dress with shades of purple, pink, green, and blue. The pastel colors are covered with a shimmery print of skullettes and flowers. Over the dress is a sheer black hooded cape.

Accessories consist of a pink chain necklace with cutout bow, a blue bow bracelet, and a light blue chain bracelet with skull charm. Wrapped around her waist are lots of purple chains with a cutout bow and skull. At the small of her back the chains form a large purple bow with long strands of billowing chains. On her feet are translucent blue boots wrapped with purple chains and bows. Her gray staff is topped with a purple skull, a large bow, and wrapped chains.

Included with River is her diary, a translucent blue brush, and doll stand. The chain link stand gives her the appearance of floating.

From the box:

Age: 14 Killer Style: So sweet it'll make your bones hurt. I love candy colors swirled together. Freaky Flaw: I have a lot of energy, which makes it hard for me to float still, and I pop in and out, which tends to make monsters jump... a lot. Especially when I pop in right behind them. I don't really think it's as big a flaw as some other monsters do. Favorite Activity: Party Planning! Food, decorations, entertainment - I love everything that goes into a well-executed... hehe... party.

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  • CDC32
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