Haunted – Student Spirits Vandala Doubloons

Vandala has long turquoise hair with streaks of white and her skin is a ghostly blue. Her removable peg leg is translucent coral pink and etched with chains and wave-like swirls.

She is wearing a dress that features wave-like streaks of white, seafoam green, turquoise, and black. Complementing the streaks are images of sinking ships, ship wheels, tentacles, and other nautical items. The sleeves and underskirt are black tulle decorated with shimmery pink fishnet accents. The dress and underskirt have asymmetrical hems and around the waist is a gray striped sash.

Accessories begin with a coral pink hat with a wide brim and a blue pirate ship & feather adornment. Over her dress is an elaborate coral pink overlay with epaulets, buttons, tentacles, chains, and anchor and key accents. She has silver tentacle hook earrings and a silver wrist cuff.

On her foot is a translucent turquoise shoe with chains, beads, and a heel formed by a chest filled with golden treasure. Her turquoise anchor purse has a chain handle, seaweed accents, and a pirate skullette.

Included with Vandala is her diary, a translucent blue brush, and doll stand. The chain link stand gives her the appearance of floating.

From the box:

Age: 16 Killer Style: Nautical Yo-Ho Bo-Ho Chic. Flowing silhouettes remind me of bow spray on the open sea and a fair wind in my sails. Freaky Flaw: Arrgh, this is so embarrassing, but sometimes I get seasick... I'm a ghost - how does that even happen? Also, sometimes the lure of adventure capsizes my ability to consider the consequences. Favorite Activity: Exploring uncharted areas of the deep boo sea. Ya never know what new lands you'll discover or what treasures you'll dig up.

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  • CDC31
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