Haunted – Student Spirits Rochelle Goyle

Rochelle’s wavy hair is soft pink with light blue streaks. Her speckled skin and wings have a glowy translucent appearance and a light blue mask is painted on her face.

She is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress with a black ruffled collar connected to a stitched neckline. Covering most of the wrought iron patterned dress is a teal tulle layer with a pink hem.

Accessories consist of fleur-de-lys chain earrings, a translucent blue bracelet with an hourglass charm, and a pink chain belt with hanging chains and fleur-de-lys accents. On her feet are translucent blue pumps with lavender fleur-de-lys chain heels.

Included with Rochelle is her diary, a translucent blue brush and doll stand. The chain link stand gives her the appearance of floating. There also is a full size blue chain bracelet with a boogie sand hourglass charm.

From the box:

Age: 415 Killer Style: Being from Scaris, I love to mix the rot iron and stained glass together. It gives my look a certain timeless quality, does it not? Freaky Flaw: I am very protective of my friends and sometimes I get in the way when they do not have a need for my protection. I also have the... how do you say... "chip on the shoulder."

  • Model Number:
  • CDC27
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