High School

Monster High is where mansters and ghouls go to learn, socialize, and have fun. The high school features a classroom, the creepateria, and a casketball court.

The outside of the school is tan with many windows detailed with purple spiderweb-themed muntins. The arched entry doors are brown, decorated with the Monster High logo, and are guarded by two gargoyles reading books on pedestals. The casketball hoop is outside and comes with a white net, a black ball, and silver & teal bleachers.

Through the doors is the mad science classroom with purple walls, a blackboard, a green spiderweb clock, and a light & dark purple floor checkered with irregular shapes. The room has two school desks with black frames, purple chairs, and teal desks. It also has a blue cart and a three-eyed frog that is kept in a jar.

The creepateria has a light & dark pink floor checkered with irregular shapes, a pink wall with the Monster High crest, and a green wall with six pink coffin-shaped lockers. Each of the working lockers has a white skull lock and can be used to store the two small pencils and notebooks. The room also has a lunch table, two drinks, two small black cauldrons with a red brew, a large black cauldron with a red brew, and two green bowls with green food.

Black stairs lead to the black DJ booth above the creepateria. The booth has a large black speaker comes with a laptop. When the creepateria is converted into the dance room it can be decorated with a hanging pink disco skull, spiderwebs, and pumpkin lanterns.

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