Home Ick Classroom

The Home Ick classroom is where monsters learn how to make the most terrifying recipes. The classroom has a refrigerator, work station, stools, and lots of accessories.

The purple refrigerator is coffin-shaped with four storage shelves. The clear door has a pale green bone handle and features etchings of the Monster High crest and spiderweb trim.

The work station has a magenta counter top with black spiderweb burners, a black shelf, and a sink with a black dragon faucet. The counter top rests upon black legs and a purple oven. The oven has skullette-shaped knobs and a windowed black door with a pale green bone handle and spiderweb etchings.

Two stools accompany the work station. The pink seats and tall black pedestals are decorated with spiderweb designs.

Food and ingredients consist of a clear canister with teal eyeballs, a beaker with peach goo, a pot with bubbly green goop, a light green egg carton, and a bundt cake on a black stand. Cooking supplies include a bundt cake pan, a blue mixing bowl, a purple hand utensil, a light green spoon, and a lavender stand with a recipe book.

From the box:

Home Ick is the perfect class for MH students to learn that not following the recipe may mean the recipe follows them.

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  • BDD82
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