How Do You Boo? – First Day of School Ari Hauntington

Ari can’t wait for her first day of school. She has long pink, purple, and lavender hair that is held back with braids. Complementing her translucent skin is pink eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, and purple lipstick.

She is wearing a beautiful dress with a black & blue piano key ruffle around the neck. The body is lavender with a print of silver chains and magenta diamonds surrounded by lined sheet music. The hem is purple with a black tulle ruffle.

Accessories consist of a translucent pink bracelet and a silver belt with music notes and hanging chains. On her feet are translucent pink boots with chains on the toes and tassels on the sides. Her translucent pink bag has a chain handle, chain accents, and a long fringe.

Ari does not come with a brush or doll stand.

From the box:

How do I boo? I rock! I use music to inspire monsters to be themselves! And if it makes them want to dance too, even better! Personal Style: Boohemian Rocker. When I'm belting out pop ballads under hot stage frights, I like to wear cool, gauzy fabrics that float around me, while still looking shriek and modern. Monster Quirk: I can turn solid, but not for long. When I try to blend in with normies, there's always a ghost of a chance that I'll spook out and be discovered. There was a time when monsters unlived in hiding because they feared being "different." But then the ghouls met, and they understood that it's clawesome to be different! So they created a school where all monsters are welcome, all uniqueness is celebrated... and where everyone can boo!

  • Model Number:
  • DPL86
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