Howliday Clawdeen Wolf – Winter Edition

Clawdeen Wolf boasts a mane of thick purple curls that frame her face, contrasting beautifully with her deep brown complexion. Her appearance is accentuated by gold and purple eyeshadow and glittery gold lips.

She dazzles in a strapless sweetheart gown, its satiny purple fabric flowing elegantly to the floor. The dress is adorned with a golden spiderweb pattern and a high slit graces the skirt, revealing the black tulle beneath.

Completing the ensemble are a crown adorned with golden phases of the moon, a white faux fur boa, a black bow necklace and bracelet set, and an elegant gold belt. Her feet are adorned with purple pumps featuring intricate web-patterned straps.

A doll stand is included with Clawdeen.

  • Model Number:
  • HNF97
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