Howliday Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon – Love Edition 2-Pack

Cleo and Deuce are back and spreading the love in a Howliday 2-pack.

Cleo de Nile
Cleo has long dark hair with light streaks and purple highlights. Her tan skin is enhanced by beautiful eyes with pink & turquoise shadow and bright red lips.

Her holiday outfit features a single-sleeve dress that is light blue decorated with Skullettes and hearts. Complementing the dress is an arm and leg cuff that have a mummy wrap design that matches the single sleeve.

She accessorizes with a gold hairband, dangly heart earrings, and a gold snake belt that forms a heart. Her gold heart-shaped purse has Skullette and heart graphics and Cleo’s turquoise pumps have golden snake heels.

Deuce Gorgon
Deuce has scaly green hair with his snake-hawk squirming upright. He has green snake-like eyes and a light complexion.

He wears a white collared shirt with a checkered tie under a shimmery green jacket with an intertwining snake print. Green scale print pants complete the outfit.

His accessories include an earring and a black & gold pair of dark sunglasses. For shoes he has gold slip-ons with snake heart graphics.

For gifts there’s a box of dark chocolates in a heart-shaped “Be My Creepy Valentine” box, a Skullette heart-shaped gift box, and a golden spiderweb heart balloon. For Cleo, Deuce also has a flower from his mother’s haunted garden.

From the box:

Love is in the air as Deuce Gorgon pulls out all the stops to impress Cleo de Nile on the most romantic day of the year!
This gorgon is dressed to impress in his favorite snake-print jacket and diamond sclae-printed trousers. He even rished a stone-cold Medusa stare by plucking a rare monster flower from his mom's haunted garden! Cleo de Nile is all wrapped up in a gore-geous dress with mummified details with a heart-shaped snake bodice and heels, ready to gift her boo with his favorite gore-met chocolates!
Sparks are sure to fly as these two ghoulishly glam monsters celebrate their undying love!

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