Howling Hoodies Twyla

Twyla has aquamarine hair with a streak of purple & magenta. She has a lavender complexion with aqua blue eyes, blue eyeshadow, scalloped eyeliner, and hot pink lips.

Her plush pajamas are blue with a light blue patch and a pattern of pink specks and light blue spiders. The sleeves have black, pink, and light blue zigzag stripes and the furry pink hood has eyes and light blue ears.

The second outfit is a sleeveless blue dress with light blue trim and a frilly light blue tulle hem. The dress is decorated with a print of monster faces, spiderwebs, spiders, and deep pink zigzags.

Two pairs of shoes are included. There is a pink pair of wedge pumps with studded pink accents and black boots with a monstrous face, toothy soles, and zigzag embossed heels.

Dustin, Twyla’s pet dust bunny, comes with the doll. He is purple with a blue nose and turquoise eyes, one is a button and the other is a line.

  • Model Number:
  • FRG08
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