Howling Hoodies Venus McFlytrap

Venus has very long hair that is streaked green and pink with the right side shaved short and dyed pink. She has light green skin, light blue eyes with light shadow, and prickly pink lips.

Her pajama jumper is pink with a splatter print, black eyes, and a blue & white mouth patch on the stomach. It has zigzag striped sleeves that are pink, green, and black with light blue furry cuffs. The light blue hood has black eyes and green flytrap-like ears.

The second outfit is a light blue off-the-shoulder dress with pink straps, pink trim, and a serrated pink tulle hem. The dress is embellished with a print of cute monsters, Venus flytrap mouths, and black, pink, and green zigzag shapes.

Two pairs of shoes are included with the outfits. The first is a pink pair of booties with toothy platform soles and vine covered heels. The second pair are light blue boots with a monster face, toothy etched soles, claw heels, drippy accents, and Venus flytrap collars.

Chewlian, Venus’s pet Venus flytrap, comes with the doll. He is green with pointy teeth, black eyes, a mohawk of leaves, and sits in a pink pot.

  • Model Number:
  • FRG07
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