I Love Fashion Cleo de Nile

Cleo is a majestic beauty in this Toys”R”Us exclusive. Her long black hair with turquoise highlights is pulled into a ponytail and she comes with three fantastic outfits.

Cleo is wearing a full body suit with only one sleeve. The black, pink, and beige suit has a mummy wrap appearance with a sheer dress over top. The dress is turquoise mesh with gold cross straps and a black chest wrap. It is held around the waist by a translucent black belt. On her feet are turquoise knee-high boots embellished with gold skulls up the sides.

Her second outfit is a long sleeve dress with vertical black and turquoise stripes. The turquoise stripes have a pattern of mummy wrappings. Around the waist is a gold belt with triangle spacers and a dangling chain.

Lastly, she has a cream top covered with colorful hieroglyphics. Around the waist is a golden sash which leads to a shimmery pink skirt with a bandage pattern. A black cropped jacket is worn over the top. It has long sleeves and features gold squares along the trim.

Two additional pairs of shoes are included with the doll. The gold platform heels have ouroboros ankle straps and pyramids for soles. The translucent black shoes are held up by Anubis heels.

Accessories consist of translucent black sunglasses, translucent turquoise triangle earrings, gold earrings, a translucent black snake necklace, three gold triangle bangles, and a translucent turquoise ouroboros bracelet. Her purse is gold with a scarab on the side.

Cleo comes with a brush and a doll stand. The doll may also be referred to as “I Heart Fashion Cleo de Nile”.

From the box:

Most ghouls have lots of misconceptions about me, like they think I have hoards of servants who go out and do all my shopping for me. Okay, well, that is actually true, but sometimes I like to go to the maul myself and do my own shopping, especially for shoes and accessories. Regardless, even if I did have a servant whose foot was as perfectly formed as my own, I still wouldn't let her choose my shoes because just because it fits doesn't mean it's comfortable, and there are some things even a princess must do for herself. xx Cleo

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  • BHM98
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