Inner Monster Deluxe Pack – Shivering Sad, Eek Excited & Hauntingly Happy

The deluxe pack has a light purple ghoul with interchangeable parts and a wide variety of accessories.

The doll has an exposed orange brain that changes her eyes when pressed. She has blue eyes, purple eyes, and pink & magenta eyes with star accents.

There are two types of hair. The first is purple with a magenta under layer and the second is molded opaque purple with a twisted genie ponytail.

Her lavender torso can be replaced with a translucent one that has a light blue skeleton. The skeleton can be decorated with the twelve included emoticons that feature Skullettes, hearts, a balloon animal, and more.

A genie-like lower half can replace the legs. It is magenta with a green waist and looks like a tendril of smoke with a billowy base.

Yellow moth-like wings can be attached to her back. They have tattered cutouts and orange details.

She has four face masks; one simple and three detailed. The first has orange and pink shadow, colorful stars, starry eye details, and hot pink lips. The next one has a dark yellow eyeshadow mask with bubble accents and a smiling mouth with pink lips. The last mask has purple eyeliner, a swirly aqua blue makeup mask, and a frowning mouth with bright pink lips.

The two-piece green dress has a sweetheart neckline with a single purple strap that goes from the shoulder to the short skirt. The outfit is decorated with a fun print that has spiderwebs, stars, balloon animals, and lightning.

There is also a second shirt. The one shoulder top is blue with a black mesh neckline. It features tears, clouds, sad faces, broken hearts, and Skullettes.

Accessories consist of translucent purple arm wraps, a molded purple chain overskirt, and a black Skullette with a violet bow. Her shoes are black peep-toe booties decorated with straps and studs.

Also included is a black Skullette brush, a clear doll stand with a black Skullette base, and a blank diary.

  • Model Number:
  • BJR23
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