Inner Monster Starter Pack Fangtastic Love & Fearfully Feisty

This starter pack includes a ghoul with interchangeable parts and lots of accessories.

The doll is light pink with an exposed pink brain, a translucent pink torso, and removable face plates. Drippy heart birthmarks cover the lower half of her limbs. She has straight hair with blunt bangs that is pink with black streaks.

When you press her brain her eyes change. She has blue eyes with slit pupils, pink and turquoise heart-shaped eyes, and fiery orange and red eyes with slit pupils.

The torso opens to reveal her skeletal insides which can be decorated with a variety of emoticons. The eight emoticons include multiple Skullettes, a heart & arrow, a heart cluster, orange intestines, and a hot pepper.

She has two face masks; one simple and one detailed. The detailed mask has drippy blue heart-shaped eyeshadow, pink and blue hearts, and pink and blue lips.

Two sets of wings can be attached to her back. The first is made up of bug-like pink bones and the second has fiery orange feathery wings with black clips.

The blue dress has a sweetheart top with a black mesh halterneck and a translucent pink collar. It features a print with pink and red hearts and Skullettes. At the waist is a ruffled double peplum that is pink and yellow translucent plastic.

Accessories consist of pink glasses with heart-shaped lenses, a black Skullette purse with a pink bow, and two pairs of shoes. The first pair are orange gravity wedges with black heart chains and the second pair are translucent orange peep-toe wedges with feather details.

Also included is a black Skullette brush, a clear doll stand with a black Skullette base, and a blank diary.

  • Model Number:
  • BJR25
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