Killer Style II Operetta

Operetta is wearing a lovely black, white & red ensemble that goes wonderfully with her red and black hair. Her fitted black top features a black & white striped strip in the front, black & white striped straps, and purple top trim. The white pencil skirt has a pattern of black spots and music notes.

She accentuates the outfit with black & white wedges that feature leopard print toeboxes and red trim. Accessories consist of a red spiderweb brooch, a red spiderweb belt, and a translucent black heart-shaped eye mask. Her record purse is embellished with red trim and a red spiderweb.

The outfit was previously released, with some minor variations, as Operetta’s Maul Session fashion pack.

From the box:

I love it when I can spend the day haunting old record stores

  • Model Number:
  • X5106
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