Lagoona Blue’s Shower

This playset includes a vanity, chair, and shower. Everything a ghoul needs to help make herself beautiful.

The vanity has three black squirmy tentacle legs that hold a translucent blue shelf and a coral pink sink. The faucet and handles on the sink are silver seahorses.

Above the sink is a mirror outlined by an aqua blue octopus. Hanging from two of the tentacles are translucent purple jellyfish accents.

The chair has three legs made up of intertwined aqua blue tentacles. The seat is black coral with a pink Skullette emblem on the back.

The stand-up shower has a coral pink seashell tub with a light blue doll stand and a black tentacle pipe. The pipe has a translucent blue basket, silver knobs, and a translucent purple jellyfish shower head.

A round rod is at the top of the pipe and it holds a translucent blue curtain. The curtain is decorated with a print of seahorses and seashells.

Bathroom accessories include a blue fish bottle, a pink seahorse bottle, and a purple loofah.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7715
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