Lots of Looks Frankie Stein

Frankie has long straight hair that is streaked black & white. She has pale green skin, one green and one blue eye, pink eyeshadow, and red lips. On her right cheek are gray stitches. She is a budget doll that lacks articulation in her elbows, wrists, and knees.

Frankie has two tops. The first is blue with black stitch stripes, a white collar, and short white sleeves. The sleeveless top is gray with a yellow, blue, and white neckline. The same colors trim the hem with a zigzag stripe.

Pants & Dresses
Her wardrobe has a dress, skirt, pants, and shorts. The dress features a black & white zigzag print, yellow trim, and a red zigzag belt. The puffy skirt is blue plaid with yellow-green lines.

The pants are blue with yellow trim and yellow pocket stitches. The last piece of clothing is argyle shorts with light and dark blue diamonds, yellow zigzags, and black lightning accents.

Accessories begin with a studded silver belt that has a bow buckle. The silver handbag has a hex nut pattern and a stitched strap.

Two pairs of shoes are included. The first are strappy black pumps with spikes and bolts for heels. The second pair are silver high tops with yellow laces, stitches, and traction tread soles.

Many outfits are possible with the clothes and accessories. Check out the gallery for some of the amazing ensembles.

  • Model Number:
  • DYC28
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