Love in Scaris Garrott du Roque & Rochelle Goyle 2-Pack

Love in Scaris features Garrott and Rochelle rekindling their romance in the City of Frights.

Garrott du Roque
Garrott has blue hair, mottled gray skin, teal around his eyes, bluish lips, and a gold earring in his left ear. Protruding from his back are small gargoyle wings.

He is wearing a black leatherette jacket with an upright collar and a mint green shirt poking out the bottom. Around his neck is a dark red scarf decorated with a black rose and spiderweb print.

His pants are dark blue and his brown boots have black laces and skull accents. He holds a black rose as a gift for Rochelle.

Rochelle Goyle
Rochelle has light green and pink streaked hair pulled into a side ponytail. In her hair is a turquoise dripping headband with a large black skull-centered rose. Complementing her speckled skin is light turquoise eyeshadow and light pink lipstick. Gargoyle wings protrude from her back.

She is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress that has a pink & black striped bodice with a ruffled turquoise tulle neckline. The skirt has black stripes with a scroll print and white stripes with a turquoise and pink swirl print.

On her feet are turquoise peep-toe pumps with ankle straps and spiral designs. Her pink bag has swirls and cutouts creating a wrought iron design.

Included in this Toys”R”Us exclusive are two doll stands and Garrott’s diary.

From the box:

Rochelle is going back to Scaris, relax it's just for a visit, where she'll get to hang out with her true love Garrott du Roque. Although long distance relationships can even the most rock solid romance, there appear to be no cracks in the foundation of their affection for each other. For even a monster with a heart of stone cannot help but be in love while strolling through the City of Frights. C'est tellement romantique!

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