Love’s Not Dead 2-Pack

It is time for the Monster High prom and Slo Mo is taking Ghoulia. Together they will have an exciting night full of fun and dancing.

Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia’s blue hair is styled into a beehive with a black & red brain barrette. Her makeup includes gray eyeshadow, pink and blue eyeliner, and red lipstick.

She is wearing a single strap dress with a black fishnet neckline. The black dress has a sweetheart bodice, a red waist, a dripping hem, and a print of white skeletal hearts and red zombie arms. Under the skirt is blue mesh layer with a dripping hem.

Red accessories consists of cat eye glasses, zombie hand earrings, and a choker with dangling skullette cherry charms. on her feet are red wedge heels with dripping straps.

Sloman “Slo Mo” Mortavitch
Slo Mo has dark blue spike hair with streaks of black. The sides are his head are shaved short and colored gray.

He is wearing a long sleeve purple shirt with a shredded hem and a tuxedo print. The print has a rib cage with a red bow tie under a tuxedo jacket. One jacket pocked has a skeletal hand and a spider dangles from another pocket with a red pocket square. His pants are black with purple stripes on the sides and his dress shoes are purple. He carries a black bouquet of red brains.

There is a shared diary but this Toys”R”Us exclusive does not include doll stands.

From the box:

Ghoulia and Slo Mo are ready to shuffle off into the sunset where they'll meet their classmates at the Monster High prom. It's a fright of passage that every monster, well, almost every monster, "cough-Slo Mo-cough", is excited to embark upon. But even if Slo Mo may not exactly be excited about the journey, he couldn't be more excited that Ghoulia will be along as his traveling companion. Not the only thing left is for Ghoulia to remind Slo Mo that the prom is strictly DOA - Dance On Arrival.

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