Manny Taur & Iris Clops 2-Pack

Iris is a one-eyed beauty with her long sleeve pink dress with black waist. Over the dress is a white & pink filigree vest with a jagged black collar and under the dress is a pair of black half-tights. On her feet are pink ankle-strap heels covered with a pattern of green eyes.

She accessorizes with pink safety pin earrings as well as two black & two white bangles on one wrist. Her circular pink purse features a green eye surrounded by pink filigree on white. Iris also has a green binder.

Manny is wearing a red t-shirt with a red labyrinth imprinted on the chest. He also has on blue jeans and brown boots with red laces. His accessories include a gold nose ring, a black casketball with “Monster High” in purple, a gray single-strap backpack with a purple labyrinth, and a red binder.

Manny’s does have a varsity jacket, but it was packaged and sold separately. The jacket is black with white & pink stripes by the shoulders; has black, white & pink striped cuffs and trim; and has a labyrinth pattern at the end of the sleeves.

Also included with the dolls are two doll stands, Manny’s diary, Iris’s diary, and a note to Manny from Iris. The 2-pack was an exclusive for the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International.

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  • BHN07
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