Manster Gillington “Gil” Webber & Deuce Gorgon 2-Pack

Sometimes a manster has to do what a manster has to do. Spending a night rolling dice and playing games is just what a manster needs. Gil and Deuce are ready for a game night with no ghouls allowed.

Gillington “Gil” Webber
Gil has light blue scaly hair with a drooping translucent blue fin-hawk. He also has translucent fins on his forearms and calves and translucent gills on his neck.

He is wearing a lavender shirt with 3/4 turquoise sleeves. Along the hem of the shirt are swirled turquoise waves with a black fin sticking out. He completes the outfit with long black shorts, purple flip-flops, and his dome helmet.

Deuce Gorgon
Deuce has scaly green hair with an upright snake-hawk. He has on a black sleeveless tee with gray shoulders and a shiny silver image of a skeletal snake. His green pants are angled plaid that highlight the scaled stripes. He accessorizes with a black hoop earring, black glasses with red lenses, and white sneakers with black laces.

Game night accessories feature a green game board with colored squares and trails, a smaller tan game board with the manster’s images, a red die, two game cards, and two monster game pieces, one green and the other turquoise. Also included are two brainy cans of soda, two two black doll stands, Gil’s diary, and Deuce’s diary.

From the box:

Sometimes a manster has to do what a manster has to do, and if that means ditching the ghouls for a night in order to save the world, then so be it. Now, just because the world in question exists only in the manster's mind and basement, or that its fate is determined by a series of opposing dice rolls, doesn't mean bragging rights aren't at stake, and dude, you are so going down!

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  • CBX42
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