Mega Bloks Draculaura’s Birthday Bash & Draculaura

The Birthday Bash has 153 pieces that create a party with a tree, table, gifts, and a Draculaura figure.

Birthday Party
The party features a yellow green base with a creey tree that has curled branches. Hanging from the branches are translucent skulls, balloons, and strings of pink streamers that connect to tombstones.

The tombstones are gray with Skullette emblems. One sits on a counter with a blender, cup, and a skeletal arm. The other tombstone hides Count Fabulous, Draculaura’s pet bat, who sits on a translucent staff.

Central to the party is a table with a pink cake decorated with burning candles. With the cake are presents adorned with Skullette bows.

Draculaura has black hair with streaks of violet that is worn in pigtails. She has a pale pink complexion, light purple eyes with pink shadow, red fanged lips, and a pink heart on her cheek.

Her violet red and black top is sleeveless and has fanged hearts along the midsection. The outfit is completed by a layered black skirt with a violet red waist.

She accessorizes with a white statement necklace, a white bracelet, and a black iCoffin. On her feet are pink wedges with black bat wing accents.

  • Model Number:
  • DPK36
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