Mega Bloks Electrifying Room & Frankie Stein

The Electrifying Room has 147 pieces that create a bedroom with a bed, desk, mirrored stand, and a Frankie Stein figure.

The rotating bed is a silver operating table with blue sides and pink padding. The top is decorated with a yellow lightning bolt and translucent pink Skullette vacuum tubes.

The desk is black and gray with a blue desktop that has a power level and a laptop. The angled backboard has translucent yellow tubing, spiderwebs with a Skullette, and a rotating compartment that reveals a picture of Frankie’s pet, Watzit.

The mirrored stand is black, gray, and blue with a burning skull candle. The mirror rotates to reveal storage for a turquoise purse.

Frankie Stein
Frankie has long white hair with streaks of black. She has pale green skin, one blue and one green eye, pink eyeshadow, dark red lips, and stitches under one eye.

Her outfit begins with a sleeveless black top with white shoulders and crisscrossed lines. Around her neck is a bolted white collar with a black and white polka dot tie. A black skirt completes the look.

She accessorizes with a blue iCoffin phone. On her feet are black pumps.

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