Mega Bloks Gore-Geous Vanity & Cleo de Nile

The Gore-Geous Vanity playset has 87 pieces that creates a vanity, throne, and a Cleo de Nile figure.

The vanity has a black coffin-shaped base, gold cobra legs, and a gray countertop. The rotating mirror is framed in black and topped with magenta and a Skullette. Accents include burning candles, lipstick, and other makeup.

The long throne has a gold headboard and footboard with with a turquoise mattress and black legs. The black sideboard has a clip that holds a long fan.

The Egyptian fan has a gold pole with a turquoise end. The curved top is gold and decorated with turquoise graphics.

Cleo de Nile
Cleo has black hair with golden streaks that is pulled back with a gold headband. She has tan skin, blue eyes with purple shadow, deep red lips, and a gem on her cheek.

Her outfit has a blue and beige top with straps. The matching skirt has a blue top layer and a longer light blue layer. Under the skirt is beige shorts.

Golden accessorizes include a snake necklace, two multi-bangle bracelets, and an iCoffin phone. On her feet are black sandals with beige bandage straps.

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