Mega Bloks Graveyard Garden Party with Cleo de Nile & Lagoona Blue

The playset has 371 pieces that creates a graveyard with a dance floor, DJ table, lights and speakers. Cleo de Nile and Lagoona Blue figures are also included.

The graveyard has a central mausoleum with purple wrought iron doors, party lights, and a glow in the dark dance floor that folds out. The building is surrounded by pillars with green skull tops, spooky branches with translucent green accents, purple wrought iron fencing, and tombstone speakers.

The top of the mausoleum has an irregular purple roof, spiderwebs, and a winged Skullette at the peak. The Skullette has a speaker that plays three songs.

On each side are black and gray tables. Complementing them are two magenta chairs with wrought iron backs, a blue candelabra, and glasses.

The DJ stand has two turntables and a purple laptop. It is topped by a skeletal arm and a burning candle.

Cleo de Nile
Cleo has long black hair with streaks of gold that is pulled to the back with a gold headband. She has a tan complexion, light blue eyes with purple shadow, red lips, and a gem on her cheek.

Her black top is sleeveless and features wavy yellow lines. A gold belt with a short black skirt covers knee length yellow shorts.

She accessorizes with a blue snake necklace, blue multi-bangle bracelets, a gold iCoffin phone, and a gold purse. On her feet are black peep toe wedges.

Lagoona Blue
Lagoona has yellow blonde hair with turquoise streaks and a pink starfish. She has pale blue skin, green eyes with purple eyebrows, pink lips, and freckles. On her calves are turquoise fins.

Her sleeveless black top has a white scale print and is covered by a cropped magenta vest. The ensemble is completed by a layered turquoise skirt with jagged hems.

Accessories consist of a turquoise bracelet, a magenta iCoffin phone, and a yellow purse. Her deep pink shoes are peep toe wedges.

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