Mega Construx Clawesome Carnival with Cleo de Nile & Deuce Gorgon

The playset has 319 pieces that create a scaris wheel and a ticket booth. Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon figures are also included.

The scaris wheel is purple with lime green accents and translucent webs. The three seats are decorated with magenta skulls.

A black wrought iron gate guards the stairs of the Ferris wheel and a sign leads the way. The sign has a skeletal magenta arm, a skull top, and displays the minimum height to ride.

The ticket booth has a chartreuse counter and an arched roof held by magenta wrought iron. A Monster High sign and a skull decorate the top and a creepy tree branch sticks out the side.

Accessories include a candy apple, soft pretzel, and a selfie pic of Cleo and Deuce.

Cleo de Nile
Cleo has long black hair with streaks of gold that is pulled to the back with a gold headband. She has a tan complexion, light blue eyes with purple shadow, red lips, and a gem on her cheek.

She is wearing a a pale green top with wavy teal lines. A black skirt with a gold peplum covers her tan shorts.

A gold statement necklace, blue multi-bangle bracelet, and tan bandage sandals accessorize the outfit.

Deuce Gorgon
Deuce has green scaled hair with a mohawk made of snakes. He is wearing his signature outfit.

He has on a black & white striped vest over a red t-shirt with a a skull and cassette graphic. They are complemented by black pants with a white belt that has a red cassette buckle.

Accessories consist of red sunglasses, black & white checkered loafers, a black bracelet, and a black glove on his left hand.

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