Mega Construx Drama Class & Ari Hauntington

Drama Class has 162 pieces that create a theater stage and an Ari figure.

Theater Stage
The turquoise stage has gray bricks, red curtains, and light gray pillars topped with Comedy and Tragedy masks. The top of the stage has a purple peak decorated with Skullettes.

Stage accessories include colored lights, candles, and an easel with an Ari Hauntington sign. Props consist of a tombstone, a creepy black tree, and a rotating arm that changes from the sun to the moon.

Ari Hauntington
Ari has long wavy pink hair with braided strands in the front. She has pale white skin, magenta eyebrows, pink eyes with pink shadow, and magenta lips.

Her outfit features a sleeveless purple dress with a chain graphic. At her waist is a magenta train and under the dress are gray shorts.

Accessories consist of a magenta statement necklace and purple wedges with chain straps winding up her legs.

  • Model Number:
  • FFD29
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