Mega Construx Fangtastic Photo Day & Draculaura

The Fangtastic Photo Day has 164 pieces that create a photo booth and a dressing room.

Photo Booth
The black and purple booth features two interchangeable backdrops, photo lights held with skeletal arms, and a camera. Additional details include purple webs, candles, a yellow skull, Monster High poster, and a photo of Draculaura.

When the booth is unfolded it creates a dressing room. The room has a coffin closet and a vanity that has Draculaura’s reflection in the mirror. Hanging from the clothes rack is a pink skirt and a grey top.

Draculaura has black hair and pigtails with streaks of pink. Her pale pink complexion is accentuated by her lavender eyes, pink shadow, fanged red lips, and the heart on her cheek.

She wears a pink top with black details and an angular black skirt with a pink underlayer. Accessories include a black scarf, blue bracelet, and a pink iCoffin phone. On her feet are black knee high boots with purple hearts and pink soles.

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