Minis 8-Pack

This 8-pack features Season 2 figures that include the exclusive Gem Ghouls Draculaura and Gem Ghouls Frankie.

Candy Ghouls Venus McFytrap
Mini Venus has sparkly green hair with a hot pink streak. She has pale yellow-green skin, teal blue eyes outlined with black dangling dots, and a prickly smile. Her light blue outfit has white polka dots and a sparkly flower. Green shoes are on her feet.

Candy Ghouls Catty Noir
Mini Catty has glittery pink hair and a dark gray complexion. She has pink eyes with music notes and a small pink nose. Her blue top has white stripes and a light blue lollipop. Magenta shoes are on her feet.

Fruit Ghouls Cleo De Nile
Mini Cleo has straight red hair with a brown headband and leafy accents. She has tan skin, blue eyes with diamond sparkles, and a turquoise diamond on her right cheek. Her red jumpsuit is decorated with a halved apple.

Fruit Ghouls Deuce Gorgon
Mini Deuce has a yellow scaled scalp with a green snake mohawk. He has green eyes with diamond accents behind yellow glasses. His outfit features a yellow sleeveless shirt with crisscrossed lines and a pineapple graphic. His pants are green.

Gem Ghouls Draculaura
Mini Draculaura is translucent with angular features. She has pink pigtailed hair with turquoise streaks and bangs, pink skin, spiky purple eyes, and a black heart on her cheek. Her black dress is decorated with a turquoise bow and belt. On her feet are black shoes.

Gem Ghouls Frankie Stein
Mini Frankie is translucent with angular features. She has long white hair with a blue streak, green streak, and a pink accent. She has pale green skin, stitches on her cheek, and one blue and one green spiky eye. Her outfit consists of a black dress with a purple lightning bolt and black shoes.

Mermaid Ghouls Clawdeen Wolf
Mini Clawdeen has pink curled hair with a streak of green. Her brown complexion is complemented by brown eyes with crescent moon accents and a fanged smile. She wears a sleeveless pink top with a zigzag graphic. Her lower fish body has green scales and a pink tailfin.

Mermaid Ghouls Twyla
Mini Twyla has light aquamarine hair with purple curls. Her pink complexion is complemented by purple eyes with buggy sparkles. She is wearing a single sleeve top that is purple with a black web design. Her lower fish body has light aquamarine scales and a purple tailfin.

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