Minis High School Playset

The Mini playset features the Monster High school and the exclusive figure, Original Ghouls Draculaura with suspenders.

High School
The high school has lavender walls, multiple purple floors, and coffin-shaped windows. There is a Creepateria, library, bathroom, study, and clock tower.

The Creepateria has a blue stove with a silver lid that reveals monstrous food. The library has a secret entrance hidden by the rotating bookcase. Next to the library is a pink swing.

Purple stairs lead to the second floor and the bathroom with a silver monster toilet. Flushing the toilet pops the lid which will knock off a mini figure.

The study has a desk, blue book, and a bench. At the edge is a pink skeletal arm holding a chalk board.

At the top of the school is the clock tower. It has web designs, out-of-order numbers, and irregular pink arms with a Skullette accent.

Mini Draculaura has black hair with pink streaks and a pink bow. She has pale skin, purple eyes, a fanged smile, and a heart on her cheek.

She is wearing a pink top with blue heart buttons and a blue bow tie. Black pants, suspenders, and pink shoes complete the outfit.

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