Frankie Stein’s Mirror Bed

The Mirror Bed is actually a rotatable laboratory table. The table is silver with two pink & blue striped lightning bolts, a pair of black neck bolt clamps, a pair of clamps in the middle, and another pair at the foot. The black & blue headboard has two pink & purple plasma balls and a storage compartment with clear doors. The black & blue footboard has a retractable TV.

The bed is held by two blue legs that attach to a black base. There is a pink & silver crank which allows the bed to be rotated. On the underside of the table bed is a real mirror. When turned to a vertical position Frankie Stein can use it as a full-length mirror.

With the bed is a pillow and blanket. The pillow is white with a diagonal blue stitched line pattern and pink frills on the sides. The blanket has two designs. The first is blue checkered with black lightning bolts and pink squares with various images. The second part is white and matches the pillow with the diagonal blue stitched line pattern.

Accessories for the playset include a silver staple gun, silver scissors, silver need & thread, a blue drink box with silver straw, and a journal with a blue pen. Also included is a life-size blue comb with pink lightning bolts.

  • Model Number:
  • V2953
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