Monster Exchange Draculaura

Draculaura’s straight hair is black with pink highlights. It is styled into a bun with bangs and a long ponytail.

She is wearing a pink kimono top with a black collar and arm cuffs. It features a pattern of cherry blossoms and paper fans. The top half of her skirt is white with a black spiderweb print. The bottom half and scalloped hem are decorated with black, white, and pink paper fans. Under the skirt is a layer of black tulle.

Accessories begin with a pink fan-like bow accentuated by a batty gray branch. Around her waist is a wide pink belt with wavy edges and on her feet are pink getas decorated with black straps, black fans, and spiderweb etched platforms. Her black purse has an angular hear shape with pink tufted sides adorned with a bow formed by a heart and fans.

Included with Draculaura is a black brush, doll stand, black skullette passport, and a passport diary.

From the box:

This year Monster High will be participating in the student Monster Exchange program and extending its haunted hospitality to ghouls all over the world. Of course, it wouldn’t truly be an “exchange” if some of our ghouls weren’t participating, too. That’s why Draculaura is totes excited to haunt East where she’ll be spending her time away from Monster High in the city of Shibooya. New friends, new experiences and a new culture await, but will she miss the old too much to enjoy the new? Probably not, this is Draculaura, after all, and if she misses anything it’s being able to share her stories and adventures with her friends.

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  • CDC35
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