Monster Exchange Lagoona Blue

Lagoona has achieved a big and bold new hairstyle for her trip abroad. Her blonde and turquoise hair now has lots and lots of tight curls.

She is wearing a sleeveless white dress decorated with pink & black double circles outlined in a turquoise glow. The asymmetric peplum has two black trimmed layers; a white layer with black polka dots and a pink bottom layer. Over the dress is a shimmery black jacket with a pattern of double circles and pink and turquoise accents.

Accessories consist of a decorative turquoise hair comb, a black rose for her hair, and dangly pink octopus earrings. On her feet are translcuent black gravity wedges with pink rose accents. Her pink seashell purse has a tentacle handle and an octopus and rose motif on the sides.

Included with Lagoona is a black brush, doll stand, black skullette passport, and a passport diary.

From the box:

This year Monster High will be participating in the student Monster Exchange program and extending its haunted hospitality to ghouls all over the world. Of course, it wouldn’t truly be an “exchange” if some of our ghouls weren’t participating, too. That’s why Lagoona is getting ready for a dive into uncharted waters as she heads to the hauntingly bootiful, yet scarily landlocked, city of Madread. The only question that remains is - which will she miss more, the surf or Gil?

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  • CDC37
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