Monster Family Alivia Stein

Alivia has blue & black streaked hair with blunt bangs. It is held in a ponytail with a coral pink gear bow. She has pale green skin, one green and one blue eye, pink lips, and silver bolts at her temples.

Her sleeveless orange dress features a blue & gray plaid print on the front. It is decorated with gears, yellow lightning bolts, and a blue ruffled hem. On her feet are black boots with thick platforms and stitch accents.

With Alivia is Gigawatt, her pet that is a mix of a mouse and a bunny. He is orange with stitches, green eyes, a turquoise patch around one eye, and one bunny and one mouse ear. Alivia can carry him around with her blue and coral pet carrier.

  • Model Number:
  • FND58
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