Monster Exchange Marisol Coxi

Marisol has bright pink hair with two bright green braided pigtails at the sides. She is taller than the average ghoul with oversized feet, lavender gray skin, and fur on her forearms and ankles.

Her colorful outfit begins with a pink strapless top under a cropped jacket. The orange jacket is decorated with green footprints and squiggly lines made up of blue, pink, and black. Her double skirt features a black top layer with intricate pink and green zigzag designs and rows of colorful flora and footprints. The underskirt is longer and bright green.

Accessories consist of a headband with a bright green bowler hat and orange tassels at the ends of her pigtails. On her feet are pink peep-toe wedges adorned with zigzags, triangle cutouts, braids, and bright green tassels. Her bright green bag is trimmed with zigzags and etched with monstrous footprints.

Included with Marisol is a black brush, doll stand, black skullette passport, and a Monster Picchu passport diary.

From the box:

Killer Style: I like BIG & LOUD! Colors, fashions, music, hair - everything goes to "12" with me except my feet; they're way off the chart because they're simply too gore-geous to be measured. So when you see me coming, and I can't be missed, in my colorful modern take on traditional Monster Picchu fashions, just remember #BigHairDon'tScare. Favorite Activity: I love getting new nail art! It is the most perfect way to accent my best features, and what ghoul doesn't like getting a mani-pedi? Freaky Flaw: My parents say that even when I whisper I'm still about as quiet as an avalanche, but I am simply larger than unlife and I cannot hide, not that I would want to, what I am feeling inside. Pet: I love llamas, even though I do not have one as a pet. I mean, how could I not love them? They are fuzzy and quirky and are as much a part of Monster Picchu as I am.

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  • CDC38
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