Monster Family Clawdeen Wolf, Barker Wolf & Weredith Wolf 3-Pack

The 3-pack features Clawdeen Wolf, Barker Wolf and Weredith Wolf getting ready for bed.

Clawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen has long brown hair with streaks of purple. Her brown complexion is complemented by yellow eyes, lavender shadow, and pink lips.

She is wearing a sleeveless top that is purple with one yellow shoulder. The front is decorated with jagged black diagonal stripes and yellow details.

Her yellow capri pajama pants have a gray animal print and purple trim. Accessories consist of yellow bone hair clips and purple monster slippers.

Barker Wolf
Barker is light brown with goldenrod hair adorned with light blue stripes. He has green eyes, a brown nose, and fangs.

His sleeveless shirt has jagged diagonal stripes and his shorts are blue. Both are trimmed with orange. He has an orange creature sleep mask and a red toothbrush.

Weredith Wolf
Weredith is a furry light brown with dark brown ears, markings, and tail. She has big yellow eyes and small fangs.

Her top is lavender with light blue marks and diagonal jagged black stripes with yellow eyes. Her diaper is pinned with yellow bones. She comes with a yellow baby bottle and a soft pink blanket.

From the box:

The Wolf family is packed with siblings all trying to get ready for bed at once! It's total chaos but also a howling good time!

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