Monster Family Cleo de Nile, Lux de Nile & Sandy de Nile 3-Pack

The 3-pack features Cleo, Lux, and Sandy de Nile spending time together.

Cleo de Nile
Cleo has long straight black hair with golden highlights. Her tan complexion is complemented by turquoise eyes, light pink lips, and a turquoise gem on her cheek.

She is wearing a sleeveless sweater dress that is purple in the back and has pink trim. The front features a teal and purple design detailed with hieroglyphics. On her feet are multi-strapped turquoise sandals.

Lux de Nile
Lux has spiked black hair with purple streaks and a golden headband. He has tanned skin, slate blue eyes, and bandage wrapped limbs.

His sleeveless red shirt has gold trim and a blue & yellow pyramid print. Black shorts with colorful hieroglyphic designs and red sandals complete his look.

Sandy de Nile
Sandy has tan skin, big turquoise eyes, and bandage wrapped limbs. On her head is a large gold Egyptian headdress.

She is wearing a purple onesie decorated with a pyramid lined waist. On the chest is an eye with lashes and a turquoise iris.

Accessories for the dolls include a blue blanket, yellow travel cup, a green drink box, and a teal baby bottle.

From the box:

The de Niles are a closely wrapped family who think a night of watching movies or playing games together is creeperific fun!

  • Model Number:
  • FCV76
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