Monster Family Draculaura & Fangelica 2-Pack

The Monster Family 2-pack features Draculaura and Fangelica preparing for a birthday celebration.

Draculaura has long black hair with streaks of pink. She has pale pink skin, purple eyes with plum shadow, fanged violet lips, and a red heart on her cheek.

She is wearing a black form-fitting dress with an ombre bat print. Magenta tulle details include the single shoulder and an asymmetrical peplum. A deep pink party hat and pink booties with swirly heels finish the outfit.

Fangelica has purple hair with streaks of black that is pulled into high pigtails. She has pink skin, magenta eyebrows, blue eyes with pink shadow, and fanged dark red lips. On her back are pink bat-like wings.

Her party dress is light blue with drippy purple stripes and a batty print. Accentuating the dress is a pink bat wing collar, a pink mesh peplum, and a bubble skirt. She completes the look with a light blue party hat and plum sneakers with thick wafer cone soles and drippy designs.

Birthday accessories include magenta balloons shaped like a heart and a Skullette, a slice of cake on a plate, and a purple present with a cutout bat-wing bow. Inside the present is a pink Count Fabulous figure.

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  • FTB87
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