Monster High Deluxe Bus

The ghouls of Monster High now have an amazing school bus. The bus transforms into a salon with a pedicure station, smoothie bar, and a rooftop pool.

School Bus
The purple bus has pointed arch windows, yellow lights, etched filigree, spiderweb designs, pink bat wing accents, and “Monster High” signs on the sides. The black wheels and grill have ornate designs and the black roof has yellow lights and a “Monster High” sign.

When the bumper is pulled the side and roof open to reveal a silver floor and six pink seats. The seats share black pedestal bases. The back wall of the bus is black with an image of makeup accessories.

Pulling the bumper opens the bus and pulling it further swivels the seats to create the pedicure station. The salon has a blue fold-up counter for the smoothie bar and a black pedestal table with a drippy pink top.

At the back is an ornate black vanity with a pink knobby-trimmed counter. The vanity mirror has black trim and a Skullette peak.

The roof of the bus becomes a spa tub with aqua blue water graphics. The sides of the tub have slots to hold snacks and beverages.

Accessories for the playset include a silver brush, turquoise hairdryer, smoothie drinks, and fruit snacks.

From the box:

The students go from school to ghoul-la-la in this deluxe school bus that transforms into a luxury salon. They can pamper themselves with a makeover, then chill with a smoothie or fang out at the rooftop pool.

  • Model Number:
  • FCV63
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